“The Inner city defense pen may have saved my life. I am a female professional and live in a major city. I purchased the Inner city defense pen to hold in my hand when walking into potentially dangerous environments. I carried it for years on these occasions without any events until I encountered a threat in a parking garage. I was approached by a young man who I Immediately knew meant to do me harm. I activated the pen and as he reached out to grab me I shoved it towards his stomach. It penetrated and in shock he turned and ran off. Thank you Inner city defense.”

April Fisher

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The Inner City Defense Pencil

The Inner City Defense Pencil is a portable, concealable, unnoticeable, effective weapon. It acts as a deterrent as well as being functional in the combat defense role. This simple and inexpensive tool is legal in most areas. (If concerned, check with your local authority. There is no protection under the law if misused.) The inner city defense pen is ideal for the handicapped and aged. It can be useful in many applications such as scribe, punch, marker, depth gauge, etc.



To provide a safe and effective means for personal safety, defence and survival.


Since 1979 the inner city defense pen has been used by many USA agencies with many sent to our combat troops abroad.